Why public adjusters make insurance claims an easier process

photo-1465776702172-defce4b4d574It the complex world of insurance, insurance providers have their very own adjusters within the company that are deployed to come up with a value for losses. While a property owner can always work with these adjusters, public adjusters typically provide clients with some extra peace of mind. So, what is a public adjuster and why should a property owner use one?
Public Adjusters
This type of adjuster is an person who is hired by the property owner rather than the insurance company. A public adjuster will examine the affected property and figure out how much money should be paid out in the claim. The adjuster will also handle all communications with the insurance carrier. The adjuster works on behalf of the client as opposed to working specifically for the insurance company.
Identifying Value
A great thing about working with a property insurance adjuster is that the property owner can come up with an accurate estimate of the damage. The insurance provider is out to limit the amount of money that it is expected to pay when a loss happens. For that reason, their adjusters may try to limit the estimate allowing it to fit within a specific range. When a property insurance adjuster is used, they can do their own estimates so that the homeowner knows the actual value of the damage. When a big loss occurs, it is often hard for property owners to be able to determine the damage. Having an specialist in their corner can be priceless.
Communicating With the Insurance Company
If you have had difficulties with an insurance company recently, you know just how daunting the entire process may be. They use a lot of different jargon, and the average person simply doesn’t understand what the adjuster is saying. When using the services of property loss consultants, property owners can understand this jargon. It’s like having a translator who speaks the language of the insurance companies right by your side.
Helping With Disasters
Employing disaster recovery consultants can also come in handy when a major disaster occurs. If you happen to be located in the middle of a disaster zone, you may have no idea where to start when your property is wrecked. Disaster recovery consultants are there to guide you through the entire process, and make sure that you’re receiving a fair settlement from your insurance company for any damage.
One more fact that will astonish you is that a public adjuster could earn what an accomplished doctor can earn in an year, in just a few months time. This is because in the aftermath of a natural disaster, they are besieged with calls from customers seeking their help in getting their claims from insurance companies. They are usually very busy during this period and earn lots of money. Moreover, you need to remember, unlike the case of a doctor or an engineer, they don’t earn a fixed salary or charge a fix fees. Their earnings are actually a percentage of the claims amount that they help get the customer. What this means is almost infinite income.

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