An SS-5 form is a form used when one needs to apply for a nine digit social security number that is given to a United States citizen, a working resident or a person applying for permanent resident. The applications on this form are done on the purposes of applying for an original security card, replacement of a lost security card or even editing information on the current security card in order for it to be corrected. The social security number is important for tracking individuals and also is like a national identity number serving also taxation purposes. However, filling up the application form can be confusing if you don’t have a professional from https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/ to help.

One of the major challenges in filling up the form is having adequate information and necessary details to be filled at the required section. This situation arises in non citizens of United States. If the individual does not have a work permit, he or she has to prove a valid reason as to the reason of requesting a social security card.

The number of replacements are limited to only 3 times in a calendar year and only 10 in ones whole life time according to the public law 108-458 hence one has to fill in the form correctly and as accurate as possible though making changes to the form is not limited to this limits. The date of birth is to be filled correctly including the full 4 digit of the year of birth, some people overlook this and just fill in the initials and others are not in the knowhow of how to go about it hence fill it as they desire.

When applying for a child under 18 years, the social security number of the parents is to be included only if the parent has one if not the unknown section is marked. However, some situations arise when a person filling for the child or the parents leaves the section unfilled or unmarked.

When filling the form in order to get a correction to the social security card such as in the date of birth, one is supposed to key in the fourth section the original date of birth provided and in section thirteen the date of birth written down in a different application submitted before. This can cause confusion in the situations when one does not provide the earlier date of birth given or has forgotten if he or she is the one who did not apply in person.

Another confusing situation is when one is signing the application. One can sign if he or she is over the age of 18, physically and mentally fit and also if the person is a minor. The parent can also sign for the minor. If the person is incapable of signing, he or she marks X and two witnesses sign for him or her. In situations where one alters the signature or if re applying the signature doesn’t match, the application can be invalidated.