What To Do In The Event Of A Car Accident

Car accidents can happen at any time and in any place without warning, and you need to be ready to bounce back fast after the crash. Should you be new in the area, you may be blank on what to do. The very fact that you were on your vacation and the accident came from nowhere is enough to destabilize you.

We are always told to be optimistic, but we need to bear in mind that the person armed with knowledge has a better chance of responding than the one with none.

Let safety come first

You may not know this, but more damage and injury is caused by accident as well. This is because people rush to move their cars out of the road without carefully looking at how safe the other directions are. Additional auto car accidents can be reduced by simply taking a moment to make safe choices. Do not rush to open the door or get the passengers out of the car in a hurry as this may cause more damage. On the contrary, turn the car off and only come out to assess the damage when it is safe.

Call 911

Regardless of how minor the accident may be, always make sure that you call 911. This will make the authorities aware, and the official records will make it easy for you to make insurance claims should this be necessary. Also, calling the police will automatically lead to the dispatch of an ambulance, and this means that any person injured on the scene will get medical attention.

Locate any witnesses

This is very important should there be a dispute as to what exactly happened. Look around to see if any people saw what took place and take their details. Make sure not to leave the scene without this as it may be what will keep you from unfair prosecution. Once you have collected the same, give them to the police and retain your copy and remember to mention that you are a tourist. Should the accident ever get to court, you will have all the witnesses you need to attest to what happened.

Gather the necessary information.

Take pictures of the accident from various angles and write down the details that led to the accident as you remember them. Also, it may be helpful if you record the names, license plate numbers, and addresses of any witnesses. In the event of a lawsuit, this will ensure that you have people who will testify as to what happened. After that, seek legal representation in the Fort Myers area for car accident victims.

Get seen by a doctor as soon as possible.

The sooner you get medical attention; the better are your chances of minimizing the accident’s adverse effects to your health. Moreover, you’ll never know the extent of your injuries until you have a comprehensive medical checkup. Make sure to get a copy of the doctor’s report, as this will also be important in the filing of a case.

Write down notes

It is essential to do this as it will help you know what to tell the police. Pick a pen and a paper and begin writing down what happened. As you do, take the special mention of the road name, the buildings around and anything else that you might feel is relevant. Also, make some diagrams of the scene and label well.

The notes you take should not be shared with anyone else, and you should store them for use in should a court case follow. Once this happens, it is your lawyer who should see the contents of the note as they will use it in planning your defense. In many cases, the notes taken at the accident scene have been the sole reason to save many a tourist from being prosecuted unfairly.