What Makes the Fleck 5600sxt A Good Water Softener?

It can be quite a hassle when the water that is flowing along your pipelines is hard. When you say hard water, it means that it has picked up some ions of minerals, mostly calcium or magnesium. These mineraIs can pose quite a problem when the water used. For example, when washing clothes, hard water can cause residues to stick to the cloth. When this happens, you need an extra good scrub of soap to remove these residues on your clothes. Boiling water can also be a problem with hard water since it leaves mineral deposits at the bottom. These deposits can affect the efficiency of kettIes, pipes, and lines, as well as cause clogging and blockage.

These problems are the main reasons why a lot of water softeners are popping up. One of the most popular and is said to be one of the best is the Fleck 56005xt Digital Metered Water Softener.


The Fleck 5600sxt has a grain capacity of up to 48,000 and has a resin capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. The brine tank which is 15 x 17 x 33 inches in dimension can hold to up to 250 lbs. of salt peIIets. The water softener can run 20 gallons of per minutes. The equipment also comes with a digital monitor and touchpad controls that help operate the equipment easier.

Benefits of Using the Fleck 56005xt

The equipment is a pretty good find for its moderate price. It is not the greatest, but it is better than most. Why? Why is the Fleck 56005xt a good water softener? Well, there varied reasons as to why the item is a good find. Here are the top five:

1. Large capacity. The Fleck 56005xt accommodates 48,000-grain capacity and can soften 20 gallons of water per minute. This capacity is faster than most and is sufficient enough for most households. In fact, this capacity can already cater to small to medium houses. It also softens the most moderate up to very hard water, so you can practically use it on any hard water type you may have in your house.

2. Meter-regenerated. One of the hassles of using salt-based systems is that needs to regenerations. Some water softeners require you to do it manually and set it every time. However, the Fleck 56005xt does it automatically. You can just set it once and the system remembers the setting and does it for you automatically. This is another reason why is the Fleck 56005xt a good water softener.

3. Safety roat. One of the things that make the Fleck 56005xt stand out among the other comparable softeners is its safety roat mechanism. This mechanism makes sure that the tank does not overfiII, keeping you from worrying about any mess.

4. Ease of use. Another thing that makes the product a good water softener is the ease of use it provides through its digital monitor with touchpads. You don’t have to pull any Ievers or click any buttons. All the controls are conveniently packed into the digital monitor.

5. Warranty. When you purchase the Fleck 56005xt, you will get 5 years of warranty on the valves and 10 years on the tank. That is a long time. However, if handled carefully and kept weII-maintained, you can use the equipment for even longer.