Quantifiable benefits of water softeners

Approximately 75 percent of American homes use hard water for their domestic needs. Hard water contains excess amounts of metals or minerals such as calcium and iron. The water is safe to use but it presents many problems especially in regard to the appliance and cleaning uses. Water softeners were developed to remove the excess minerals and metals. In other words, they work to restore a natural chemical balance in the water.

So, are there benefits of using a water softener? The answer is in the affirmative. Homeowners can reap many benefits from using a good quality water softener. Here are some of these benefits as shown by watersoftenergurus.com:

1. Saves Money On Soaps And Detergents

Although you need to invest some money to buy a water softener, the investment is far less compared to what you would spend on soaps and detergents if you were to use hard water. With a softener, the soap will leather quickly and easily. This translates to faster and more efficient use of soap. With hard water, you could add several scoops of laundry soap into your top-load washer. Yet you will see no bubbles when the machine is agitating.

2. Easier and More Efficient Cleaning

White spots, soapy residues, and streaks are common on dishes and clothes washed with hard water. Softening gives water the ability to rinse soap residues and white spots more thoroughly. This will leave your clothing or utensils looking cleaner. Your skin and hair will also feel and look cleaner. There will be less soap scum on your sinks, bathtubs, and showers. This will leave them looking cleaner. They will also be easier to maintain since there will be little or no build-up of stain on these installations.

3. Cleaner Plumbing Installations

Plumbing systems exposed to hard water have scaly deposits on their walls. These deposits on pipes and plumbing fixtures may build up over time to clog and corrode these fixtures. Dealing with clogged pipes can be daunting. These deposits will reduce the lifespan or the plumbing installations leading to higher maintenance costs.

Water softening will reduce the minerals that build up in the plumbing systems to minimize corrosion and clogging. Besides extending the life of these installations, the soft water will ensure the plumbing system works efficiently.

4. Improves Lifespan Of Appliances

The minerals found in water are not inert. They react with metals and other materials used in the design of home appliances. Besides, the minerals can build up inside these machines and appliances to reduce their lifespan. Installing a water softener will extend the life of your washing machine, water heaters, dishwashers as well as other appliances in your home that use water.

5. Reduced Energy Bills

According to experts, hot water heaters tend to heat softened water much faster than hard water. Water softeners can improve the efficiency of electric water heaters by as much as 22 percent. They can improve the efficiency of gas water heaters by 29 percent. This will translate into your monthly utility bills thanks to lower energy consumption.

Bottom Line

You now see why you need to invest in a good water softener. These are the main benefits of using a water softener. However, there are more benefits. You will only realize them if you actually make the switch from hard water to soft water by installing a water softeners.