How do you go about changing the name on your social security card?


You may change your name during a marriage, divorce, or when you undergo gender reassignment read more on Whichever the exposition, your new name should reflect on your social security card as soon as possible.

Why Should You Change Your Social Security Name?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires your correct social security number and name to file your future social security benefits. For that reason, the SSA might miscalculate your benefits just in case you forget to make the changes as soon as possible.  Besides the miscalculations, your social security benefits might be filed under the wrong name, leading to a delay of your social benefits just after you retire. It will take you several days to fix such issues.

How Can You Change The Name On Your Social Security Card?

Many people think that changing the name on their social security card is a cumbersome process. But, the reality is that changing the name is a free and straightforward process, as long as you understand the basics below.

1. Get prepared with your citizenship documents

If you are looking to change the name on your social security number, you will need to verify that you are US citizen or a lawful non- citizen. The citizenship documents that you would use for verification are your passport or birth certificate. Please note that the documents should be original or certified copies. Otherwise, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may not accept your application.

2. Identification Documents

Besides the citizenship documents, the Social Security Administration will need your identification documents like your State’s identification card, driver’s license, or U.S passport. In some cases, you may use your school identity card, military card, or Medicare card to prove your identity.

3. Assemble your Name Change Documents

Furthermore, you should be prepared with the original or certified copies of the documents that you used to change your name. The papers might be your marriage certificate, a court order, or a divorce decree.

4. Apply for a new social security card bearing your new name

After assembling the essential documents above, you should obtain and fill Form SS- 5, used to validate your name change. The forms are readily available at your local Social Security Office. You should get a hard copy of Form SS- 5 since you cannot apply for the name change online. If you reside in Minnesota, Las Vegas, Florida, California, New York, and some states, you will have to complete the application in a Social Security Card Center near you. The form is simple to fill out. But if you need any clarification, refer to the instruction sheet attached to the application form.

5. Deliver the complete form and necessary documents to the nearest social security office

After you complete filling the application form, deliver it to your nearest social security offices. Alternatively, you can mail all the documents to the Social Security Administration.The SSA will verify the documents, and then make you a new card with the new name. However, the Social Security Number will remain unchanged. Afterward, SSA will mail you the card together with your documents.