Discover The 5 Famous Stars That Use Hair Extensions

We often look at celebrities and wonder how they get their hair so perfect. Seriously, many of them, the women mostly, have beautiful and long locks of hair. Did you know these female celebrities use hair extensions? Although many famous stars use hair extensions, let’s focus on just five of them for now and talk about how they get their hair done so perfect, looking beautiful all the time. Here are five famous stars that use hair extensions.

Taylor Swift

No surprise here! Taylor Swift always looks so perfect! One minute, her hair is short, and the next time we see her on stage, her hair is long. According to the Daily Mail, she uses peruvian hair extensions. Although there isn’t any proof to this yet, it is a speculation that isn’t hard to believe at all.

Although ALL celebrities look perfect, it is part of their job, after all, since they are in the spotlight all the time, Swift tops the cake with the hair extensions. One minute, her hair is really thin and the next thing we know, she steps out during her concerts, and her hair is long, wavy or curly, and beautiful! It has to be true about the hair extensions, right?

Jennifer Lopez

This is a little bit of a surprise, isn’t it? Although she always looks perfect, from her head to her toes, more-so than some of the other female celebrities, that hair looks real! However, it is true that she also uses hair extensions.

Are you shocked yet? She looks so perfect all the time, part of the job, right? However, she does have some help with the hair extensions. You have to admit, though, they do make her hair look a lot better! One minute, her hair looks curly, and the next minute, her hair is long and straight. What do you think?

Selena Gomez

Here is another female celebrity who has long, thick, full, and perfect hair. However, Gomez doesn’t wait for her hair to grow on its own. No, Gomez goes right to her hair salon and gets a new hair-do.

Selena doesn’t need help to make her hair look awesome! However, to ensure she looks her absolute best at ALL TIMES, she has her hair stylist pop on some extensions to make it look even better than it already does. If you see her hair before, if you can get a glimpse of it before she pops on the extensions, she doesn’t need any help in the hair department. However, it is hard to tell the difference between her hair without extensions and with them. Can you tell?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus started out as little Hannah Montana, singing pop music and throwing around her beautiful, thick, shiny, and long hair. She would switch between Hannah Montana and the real Miley Cyrus and, in an instant, her hair would get longer.

Miley outgrew little Hannah Montana and now sings as herself. However, her hair changes all the time, so if she does use extensions, it isn’t much of a surprise to anyone. Just like the rest of the female celebs, Cyrus changes her hairstyle all the time, making good use of the hair extensions. The extensions make her hair look even fuller and much longer, which is what she is going for anyway.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian using hair extensions isn’t a surprise at all. She is like many of the female celebrities, making sure she always looks her best.

Although Kardashian is a reality TV star, she is a full A-list celebrity, being married to Kanye West and just being herself. Her hair, like many of the other beautiful celebrities, really doesn’t need anything added to it. However, the hair extensions do add a nice touch to already perfect hair. Do you think she needs them, though? Her hair is perfect the way it is!