Dangers of Filling up The SS-5 form with the Wrong Information

The United States government issues a social security number also known as SSN which can be received via application-filing-service.com to its citizens which helps the state to track an individual for social security purposes, provision of facilities to its people and many more. But from time to time, things in your life such as place of residence among others might change. You will, therefore, need another social security card. To get it, you will have to fill the SS-5 form.

Basically, SS-5 form is an application document given by the Social Security Administration to an individual who wants to request a new social security card, correct or replace the previous one. It is also very essential that you fill this form with the correct information to avoid the consequences.

Dangers of Filling up The SS-5 form with the Wrong Information

It is very important to fill the SS-5 from according to the laid down rules and regulations so as to get a new Social Security Number. Failure to do so will lead to the following consequences:

1. Unnecessary Fines

It will be very unfortunate when you have to pay fines for any incident that will occur at your previous residential address due to filling the SS-5 from incorrectly. You are held responsible for any damages brought to the government and third parties if something happens at your previous residential address.

You will also be charged for any unusual events taking place at your old address just because of the failure to update the new information. In such scenarios, individuals end up paying a lot of money for something they are not responsible for, but all that is due to incorrect filling of the SS-5 form.

2. Termination of All Utility Connections by the Government

As we have seen, circumstances might change in your life forcing you to relocate from your present place of residence to a new one. In such a scenario, you will still want to access all the government utilities you have been enjoying.

For that to be possible, you are expected to submit a correctly filled SS-5 form to the Social security Administration as soon as possible. Failure to do so or using the wrong information when filling the SS-5 form will lead to the termination of all utility connections that you have been enjoying from the government.

3. Exclusion from All Government Facilities

This one also happens when you have shifted from your present place of residence, it might be to a new province or even another country. What you need to know is that different states might have different laws. That being the case, you might find that a facility which is available to the residents of that province is completely out of bounds to those who are from other provinces.

Therefore you have to fill the SS-5 form correctly in order to make the most out of such facilities. One is usually denied access to all facilities in the province they have moved to if they fail to mention the name before relocating.

The above are just some of the dangers of filling up the SS-5 form with the wrong information. Aside from that, you can also face denial of facilities to individuals depending on you, denial of debit or credit cards as well as passports.