Dangers of a badly kept lawn

A well maintained lawn makes our homes look beautiful, adds value to our property as well as provides fresh air. However, while unkempt, a lawn can prove to be very risky or even deadly. It’s very important to keep your lawn well ,maintained.

Dangers of a badly kept lawn.

It’s a perfect habitat to snakes.

An unkempt lawn is home to rats, mice, frogs lizards and rodents of every kind. These are a great food source for snakes thus attracting both non-venomous and venomous snakes.

Snakes fear open spaces as they are exposed to their predators. They need a place to hide and a badly kept lawn don’t disappoint them. You are likely to encounter copperheads and rattlesnakes in your yard if your lawn is not well maintained by the experts at discoverziehler.com.

Harbors pests.

A badly kept lawn provides conducive environment for pest infestation. You might find ticks in your lawn which transmit life-threatening diseases such as Rocky mountain spotted fever. They also transmit Lyme disease.

Fire ants are also found in these lawns and they cause allergic reactions. A badly kept lawn is also perfect for breeding mosquitoes which can transmit malaria as well as Dengue fever. You are likely to encounter various pests in your yard if your lawn is not mowed and each poses a health risk to your family.

Pet poop.

You expect the pets to mess around your lawn if it’s badly kept. Your dog’s feces may pose a great danger to your kids while playing in the yard as they may ingest the parasite’s eggs. This can result to intestinal worms such as round worms causing fever, diarrhea and loss of weight.

Your cat’s poop is especially very risky for pregnant women. It can transmit Toxoplasmosis causing blindness, hearing impairment and learning disabilities to the unborn. It can also cause fever and enlargement of the lymph nodes of the neck and the head to other people.

Deadly mushrooms.

Mushrooms spring up after the rains and the kids may not differentiate the poisonous from non-poisonous. This can be very dangerous and may warrant a trip to the hospital.

Spread fire fast.

A badly kept lawn speeds up a fire in case of a wayward lighting since there is no barrier between your home and the woods. This is common in drought prone areas where the lawn is long and dry. The fire spread like a wild fire and may cause you great damage and loss as it’s also very hard to extinguish it.

Makes mowing difficult and risky too.

An unkempt lawn poses risk to the lawn mower as you are not able to see clearly through the lawn. You can easily bump on to the rocks, debris and twigs harming yourself. The mowing machine can also get damaged causing you a loss. It’s also expensive and time consuming to mow a badly kept lawn.

Unhealthy environment.

A badly kept lawn tend to rot underneath as the tall grass fall on one another. This makes the yard smelly and unpleasant. The grass may not be able to absorb carbon and release oxygen efficiently.

For all the reasons listed above, it’s very imperative to mow your lawn regularly. It can be extremely dangerous and expensive to allow your lawn to overgrow and not well maintained.