Advantages of a portable standing desk

When we stand up, we take a lot of the pressure off our lower backs. Standing is a more natural position that the body was designed for. When you sit, decreased circulation is also a big problem for your overall health. When we sit too long, our lower body can get numb and sometimes painful. When you use a portable standing desk, you can stand while working which reduces the back stress, as well as increasing circulation and slightly increases your heart rate. The following are advantages of a portable standing desk made by the Deskview guys

You will live longer: It is a known scientific fact those people who stand up for longer times can live longer than those who work while seated. You will increase your life expectancy beyond your colleagues who live a purely sedentary lifestyle. This is in addition to the fact that you will avoid the physical consequences of sitting for long periods of time that creates lots of physical harm. You will not be allowing excess fats to stay in your liver, heart, brain and many other organs. You also get to improve your muscle tone, and you will not get exhausted easily. You will avoid being obese by this simple act of using a standing desk.

Calories: We all know that the more calories we burn, the more health challenges we avoid in our lives. This will be another benefit we get by switching from a sitting desk to an adjustable height desk. By burning more calories, you will not be accumulating any extra fat deposits. This is especially important for anyone who has been trying to cut excess weight. Studies indicate that while a person using a sitting desk will burn about 970 calories in a week, the same person will burn 1260 calories when using a portable standing desk

Overall health improvement: We are a generation that lives a sedentary lifestyle, and with it, we have inherited lots of lifestyle diseases; some of the most prevalent diseases includes diabetes, which is mainly as a result of obesity and being overweight. We all know that the best way to deal with these challenges is to improve our diet and get involved in some form of physical activity. You improve your chances of getting physically active by using a standing desk especially when you don’t get sufficient time to do any exercise.

Improved ergonomics: It is almost obvious to all of us that the sitting position is not natural and, as such, sitting for a long period is known to create some challenges including back, neck and shoulder aches. This is in addition to headaches, leg pain, and cramps as well as issues to do with poor vision. Since most of us are not able to stand for an entire day, using as a standing desk is the best way to oscillate between the sitting and standing positions. Aportable standing desk is a perfect ergonomic desk, and it will help to improve your skeletal health as well as helping to improve interaction with your colleagues. You can comfortably use a standing desk at work, in your home office or even as a student since it will improve your life.