A vital card in life

A social security card is a very vital card in the life a person living in the United States. It it necessary for a person to access all the social services in the United States as seen on https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/replacement-social-security-card-child/. It is a piece of paper that has a size almost to that of a wallet. It has a nine digits .The social security administration is responsible of assigning it to the people working temporary, those living permanently and citizens of unites states.

A social security card name can be changed when one gets married, divorces with his or her spouse ,in addition a person can change card name due an order of the court.

Changing of a security card name has no charges. One must let the social security administration know before change of name in the security cards. You cannot do the whole process online.

The procedure for process of changing of the social security card name is as follows

He or she has to show out the necessary documents so as to verify his identity ,and also the citizenship or show out any document that explains your stay. Some of the documents may include a original birth certificate or the United States passport.

For a person that is from a foreign country and was born in United States he or she should give out certificate of naturalization ,a certificate of birth or a certificate to report a his or her birth. For a non residence residing in United States has to show a proof of the legal residence

In addition ,one has to produce a genuine proof of the change of name .the documents is supposed to have been issued within the previous two years.

Some of the necessary documentation to verify name change in social security card , may include :The certificate of naturalization, a divorce decree,court order approving your change of name and a marriage document.

Furthermore , you have to verify your identity again by producing the old document that had the names you want to change from. For instance a drivers license that has not yet expired and is still working. Also it can be a marriage document to prove that you were really married ,if your reason for change of security card name is a divorce decree.

Then, you have to get the form of application .You can either go in the website and download it then fill it or go and pick it at the social security administration office ,so that they can give one of the copies to you.

The forms for change of name of the security card name , is the always the same, therefore a person should should read the instructions keenly and fill it. Then attach all the necessary documents required so as to ensure the processing is successful. After that, one is required to locate the office that is in the nearby place of the social security administration, and deliver the forms attached with the other documents. Then wait for a while for a new card with the new names of your interest.

The processing requires some patience from anyone trying to change any details on the social security . It may take a while before the card is out. The process is not tiresome or hard to follow when you have all the necessary documents.